After completing your Cladco composite decking project you may find that you have some offcuts left over. As part of our environmental journey we are always looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment (read more about our environmental journey here) In this simple step by step guide you will create your own long life and sustainable bird house with off cuts of Cladco composite decking.

To create your composite bird house you will need: 

• Composite decking cut to dimensions in step 1. Approximately 1.3 metres in total.

Sumogrip adhesive or screws

• Drill

• Hand saw

• Screw driver

• 1 or 2 screws approximately 25mm in length.

Composite corner L Trim cut to 40mm in length or a Starter clip.

STEP 1 Cut the composite decking peices into the required lengths as shown below.

Take care if using hollow decking as the honeycomb structure may split when cutting. Cutting the edges may create sharp edges so care should always be taken when cutting. 

Composite bird feeder step 1

STEP 2: Next, take the sumogrip adhesive and glue together the two side pieces to the front and back pieces. 

Leave to dry for at least 24 hours. Alternatively, you can use screws.

Composite bird feeder step 2

STEP 3: Once the sides are dry you are ready to glue onto the base.

Ensure the sides are glued onto the base straight, you do not want a gap underneath for the nest materials to fall out.

Composite bird feeder step 3

STEP 4: Now its time to glue the roof on to the sides, make sure you glue the shortest piece on first as this will create the overlap for the roof.

Leave to dry for at least 24 hours.

Composite bird feeder step 4

STEP 5:  Finally screw on either a T clip or composite corner L trim cut to approximately 40mm and fit just below the whole. This will act as a perch for the bird to sit on. 

To hang the birdhouse from a tree branch or garden hook, screw in two eye hooks along the roof peak. Then use a chain, rope, or wire to hang it.

Composite bird feeder step 5

Please note this is a guide only and you may need to adjust the measurements to suit your requirements. 

We would love to see your bird house creations, send them to us via email at or use the hashtag #cladcorecycled on instagram

To download a print version of this guide, please click here