Cladco Composite Decking is a fantatic way to expand your living space, you can relax on it, eat on it, play on it and so much more. Not only this it is a great way to tidy up the garden and make views from the house more appealing. When you have installed your new decking area it can be hard to decide what to style it with. Naturally you want to get the most out of your space by adding seating but what else can you include to make your decking stand out from the crowd?

Seating is almost a necessity on composite decking but what about those extra bits that make a seating area so much more? Well our first suggestion is plants and lots of them! Pot plants are a great way to style your decking area as they can be moved around easily. Not only that you can mix up colours, sizes and types to create a mini jungle or just add one pot or two.
We think varying heights can add to decking area making it feel less exposed.

This decking project has used just a couple of pot plants in different colours and heights. The green foliage helps blend the stone grey boards into the stonework of the cottage. Plants can also be a great way to hide joins in the decking or items which you my not want on show such as water buts, storage and drains.

Choosing the seating for your decking area can be a tough choice, the colour, practicality, size and placement all are decisions not to be taken lightly. As you can see in the image above they have chosen a bench seating area to maximise the amount of seating space.

They have chosen a similar wood effect frame and table to help blend the decking with their chosen accessories and fencing.

If you're feeling bold and want to add some vibrant pops of colour to your decking, why not choose bright cushions? These can easily be added or taken away and provide you with an easy and quick way to update the garden. Seasonal changes can allow you to chop and change the cushions as required. Cushions can now come in waterproof materials meaning they are just as easy to maintain as the composite decking.

So what about as the sun goes down? How can you ensure your new decking area is suitable for evening use as well as day time?

This customer chose to create a fire pit system using composite decking left overs with stones and gravel. The central fire pit provides them with warmth on chilly evenings and also allows a focal point when entertaining.
Always ensure you check the fire rating on composite decking and never leave flames unattended.*

Lighting is a great way to style your new Cladco composite decking, you can choose from integrated lighting systems, festoon lights (above), lanterns and more. Lighting is just as versatile as the decking and can provide a soft warm glow as the nights draw in. With so many options for lighting now from coloured lights, shaped lights and string lights to battery operated and solar powered the options truly are endless.

Above all your new Cladco Composite Decking area is a place to relax and enjoy. Whether you fill it with flowers, furniture ornaments or leave it bare it will provide you with the space and comfort for years to come.

For more inspiration on how to create your perfect decking project, please visit our gallery.

*Please note fire pits should be used with caution, fire pits are used at your own risk and may not be suitable for use on the decking. Please refer to the decking fire rating certification here.