Here at Cladco profiles, we pride ourselves on being the UKs leading Composite Decking, Cladding, and Fencing supplier. Cladco which was started in a driveway in the early 70s in Inwardleigh, an idyllic hamlet in Devon, specialising in roofing sheets. In those 50 years since Cladco has grown, adding our Composite product range. Which since 2013 has been increasing in sales affluently. Thanks to Cladcos’ product ranges increasing popularity and, the company’s growth, our own range of vehicles, from trucks to lorries are used to fulfill our customers’ orders.

Being the UKs leading supplier in this area, we do offer delivery from our Devon based warehouse all over the country, from Cornwall to Scotland*. To ensure that your delivery is with you we have a team of drivers who roam the entity of Britain to get to you within our 25-day lead time. Please note we only deliver to mainland Britain.

We have a total of 19 vans, lorries, and flat back trucks taking up to 26 tons of products. We pride ourselves on a high level of customer satisfaction and aim to give all our customers a high level of service. To help ensure this, seven of the 19 delivery fleet are fitted with cranes, these help with the loading and unloading of roofing sheets, or our range of composite boards, and avoiding extra hassle when unloading these bulky loads.


Our drivers are treated to some spectacular coffee break views. When travelling from rural Devon right through to busy cities across the country. Treated serene coastline of Cornwall to intense scenery of Scotland.

With the remainder cranless vehicales, unloading is the respososibility of the recipient to assist with the unloading. As boards and sheeting are weighty and in some cases sharp, those assisting we recommend to wear protective gloves, be able-bodied  for the laborious work of unpacking and transporting the goods and ensure you wear the appropriate clothing. Our drivers deliver kerbside only.


For any quires please see our delivery page.

No matter your UK location if you’re wanting to fit some roofing sheets, clad your home, or deck your garden this summer, we at Cladco should be able to deliver. Our delivery drivers will aim to   contact you for an hour or so before they arrive on-site for your convenience.

If your project is in the depths of the countryside, deep in the city, or in the middle of a valley, Cladco Profiles has you covered. We also offer a variety of products, including all the screws and           accessories you will need for your project.  

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*Unfortunately, some British postcodes, are inaccessible for us.